Our passion, rooted in a fascination has led us to explore the ever expanding world of gin. Flavour, texture and taste are all inextricably linked, and when served ooze style, character and personality.


The growing number of products and distilleries has ignited many discussions at our bar, The Marmion. Our ever expanding pallets are continually amazed by the multitude of botanical tastes.


The passion for a drink once branded as 'mothers ruin' was elevating Gin to our chosen beverage, and the taste combinations are seemingly endless!


The ‘Gin Emporium’ evolved from a rusty, beat up CY Citroen van into a unique & wondrous venture allowing a space for celebration, underpinned by spectacle & the bizarre. A renovation which champions both traditional and contemporary histories of gin and our beloved van. The ‘Gin Emporium’ has breathed new life through painstaking restoration from its original pastis colour, coupled with some clever design.


Soak up the atmosphere and savour the flavours over 80 different gins ready to take your taste buds on a journey through time. From William Hogarth's hedonistic views of a Juniper inspired Gin Lane, through the indulgences of the 'Roaring 20's,' right up to a trip round the world through a catalogue of international gins. With an array of garnishes that enhance the gin experience, opening up a multitude of flavours, coupled with unparalleled service providing all the product knowledge needed to guide you to your ideal gin.


With a range of gins that is in constant development, we are enthusiastic about learning about the processes that make the perfect gin, the chosen junipers, the distillery, the environment, the ethos and inspiration behind the products. Attending events and gin festivals and receiving a lot of feedback and information from customers and other gin drinkers, we are determined to stay creative and seek out the best gins from the vast range on offer. From small batch, bath tub or mass production we aim to explore all available products to create a cabinet that is dynamic and exciting. (Even gin and tonic ice cream!!)

In our first year we've evidenced our versatility through our involvement in a variety of celebrations such as weddings and festivals, markets and fares, events, & business and corporate events. For the future we will strive to remain creative, have some great experiences, and most importantly, drink a lot of gin.